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Cedar Crest Mobile Home Park Regulations

Cedar Crest Mobile Home Park
PO Box 9692
Spring, TX 77387


Rules & Regulations

All Lessees and/or Residents/Tenants must adhere to these Park Rules & Regulations. Failure to abide by these rules will result in penalties and/or eviction as set forth in your lease.

· Clearly post your address (lot number) on your mobile home where it faces the street.

· Skirting must be installed completely around your mobile home, including the hitch and any decks you may have. If you just moved in, you have 30 (thirty) days to complete the installation.

· All decks must be painted to match the lightest color on the mobile home, or tastefully stained if treated wood is used.  Front decks must be at least 10’x12’. Rear decks must be at least 4’x4’. All decks must have safety rails and steps, and the steps must have safety hand-rails.

· Maintain your lot and all belongings in a clean, attractive and clutter-free fashion. Decks and porches are not to be used as storage areas. Yards must be free of litter and rubbish.

· Mow your lawn and maintain all areas of your lot regularly. Do not allow grass and weeds to get overgrown.

· All vehicles must be parked on pads only. Do not park on the lawn or in the yard. Storing vehicles is not permitted.  Vehicles that do not run, junk vehicles, and unused vehicles must be removed and parked elsewhere. Repairing vehicles  (which takes longer than a couple of days) is not permitted. Large boats, heavy equipment and/or vehicles, flatbed  trucks and/or trailers and other oversized vehicles are not permitted without prior written approval from  Management.

· For the safety and well-being of everyone, the speed limit shall be limited to 10 MPH (ten miles per hour) unless otherwise posted. All Residents and guests must cooperate with the enforcement of this speed limit.

· Fences are permitted with prior written approval from Management, and must be maintained to keep them sturdy, clean and clutter-free.

· Storage buildings are permitted with prior written approval from Management, and must be maintained to keep them sturdy, clean and clutter-free. Any items that need to be stored away must be stored in an approved storage building.

· Clothes-drying lines (temporary or permanent) are not allowed outside your mobile home.

· Furniture placed outside must be outdoor patio type furniture only.

· Digging is permitted with prior written approval from Management. Do not begin any work until after Management has identified the location of underground utilities, lines, pipes, etc. that must be worked around.

· Commercial enterprises are not to be conducted without prior written approval from Management. Peddling and soliciting are not permitted.

· Television, radio and other aerials and antennas (including satellite dishes) must be attached firmly to the rear quarter of your mobile home.

· All trash must be properly handled. Place all trash in tied (closed) plastic bags and store them in the trash can (provided by the city) behind your mobile home until pickup day. On the morning of pickup day, place the trash can at the curb.  After pickup, promptly return the trash can behind your mobile home.

· Loud activities (music, heavy equipment, vehicles, etc.) which causes noise that disturbs the peace is not permitted.

· Outdoor fires are not allowed. BBQ pits and fire pits that you have constructed or purchased are allowed, but they must be used in the back yard only, and they must be more than ten (10) feet away from your mobile home and other structures.

· Children are your responsibility, whether they live with you or they are visiting.

· Limit the number of pets you have to no more than two (2) unless you obtain prior written approval from Management.  Pets must be kept in humane conditions and must be contained within a fenced area behind your mobile home at all times; except when you are walking your pets on a leash. Pets must not run free at any time. Management reserves the right to restrict the types of pets allowed. KNOWN VISCIOUS ANIMALS (such as, but not limited to, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc.) ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE PARK without prior written approval from Management.  Any mess or problem caused, created or resulting from any pet will be your responsibility. If you fail to take responsibility, Management will have it done at your expense. All areas must be kept in a sanitary manner. Please clean up after your pets! Management must be notified of any new pets. Any pets found on Park property without a collar, and which cannot be identified in Management’s records, will be subject to immediate impoundment at your expense.

· NO LIABILITY WILL BE ASSUMED BY CEDAR CREST MOBILE HOME PARK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You are expected to have your own insurance, including fire and extended coverage.

These Park Rules & Regulations may be updated at any time. Updates will be posted and/or mailed to the mailing address we have on-file for notices. If you have Tenants/Residents, it is your responsibility to provide an updated copy to your Tenants/Residents.